Frontal & Closure Pieces: What Are They Used For?

Frontal & Closure Pieces: What Are They Used For?

Hair extensions have become a breakthrough in the fashion world today. They have brought hairstyle makeover into a whole new level, helping women to achieve full, thick, and lustrous locks. If you have just chopped off your hair but want to get big waves or curls the next day, you can do so with hair extensions. In fact, they have been so in demand that a lot of brands are emerging in the market today. These include clipped-on, taped, and sewn-in. At this point, we’re going to talk about sewn-in options.

The sewn-in method is the most preferable choice if you wish to wear your extensions for a longer period.

Initially, your stylist forms braids as a base, where your extensions are attached. This is where frontal or closure pieces come in. They serve as the finishing touch.

Frontal or closure pieces are hair strands tied all together to a sheer lace, usually Swiss or French lace. The difference lies on the size and how they are applied. Frontals are bigger because they cover the entire hairline, from temple to temple, while closures cover only a portion at the top or front of your scalp. Frontals are usually bonded while closures are weaved in.

Here are other reasons why you would love having frontals or closure pieces:


Lace frontals and closures are used to hide weaving tracks and make your hair extensions appear more natural. The sheer lace is nearly invisible, usually beige or dark brown in color, which shows your scalp and flawlessly blends with your own skin. Some lace frontals even have baby hair around the temple to give a more realistic hairline. This creates an illusion where the eye cannot tell your extensions and real hair apart.


Frontal and closure pieces come in various types, textures, and colors. This allows you to try out various hairstyles. Sewn-in hair extensions usually last around 2 months. By then, you can opt to try a new do.

Versatility in your style is one of the main reasons why a lot of women have become avid fans of hair extensions. It is easier to transition from straight to curl, or black hair to brunette, without highly processing your real hair with chemicals that could potentially damage and stunt growth in the long run.

Choosing between frontals or closures depends on what style you are trying to achieve. It is much better that you discuss the details first with the extension technician to guide you on the most suitable decision. For instance, if you are the type of person that often pulls your hair up, then a frontal is a more preferable choice. Remember that closures cover only a portion of your hair, so people might see the sewn edges when your hair is in a bun or ponytail.


If you think your hair is too thin but you want to get fuller hair that hangs loose more naturally, then frontals and closures can help you with that.

You should take note that in this process, you have to choose a reputable quality for the frontal or closure piece you will wear. The higher graded it is, the easier it is to maintain, and the longer the life span is to serve its purpose. Manageability is important.

The demand for lace frontals and closures has grown over the past years. Not all can enjoy the benefits before because they used to be very expensive. But a lot have changed since then. More hair extension designers and manufacturers have come out with new designs, giving more styling options and opening a bigger market for women out there. Knowing that these pieces are more readily accessible gives women the opportunity to transform into the best version of their selves.

If you decide to be part of the newest trend, make sure you get professional advice and choose the best type of hair extensions. Discuss with your extension stylist what you are aiming for and how the installation process will go. Your beautiful, lustrous head of hair is just around the corner!

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