Why is Purchasing the Best-Quality Extensions Important?

Why is Purchasing the Best-Quality Extensions Important?

Looking and feeling your best sets a whole new level of self-confidence and happiness, and when it comes to style, hair is one of the most important parts. Pixies and bob cuts are hot, but nothing beats having long, loose, and shiny hair. If your dream hair doesn’t come to you naturally, then don’t worry – hair extensions are better than ever and can give you the hair of your dreams at an affordable price.

Just like accessories, hair extensions are now part of our wardrobe.

However – not all hair extensions are created equal. You have to make a smart decision in choosing the best-quality extensions. Good quality hair looks better, lasts longer and is more flexible than any low-quality extensions on the market. And even better, there is a huge range of durable extensions available that still come at an affordable price.

Indian hair has risen to the top of the line. This type of hair extension is made out of real hair that is naturally aligned like normal hair growth. There are a lot of origins for Indian hair, but the most common and ethical trade comes from India.

You can consult more with your extension technician on the different types of hair extensions, methods, of attachments and necessary maintenance plan. But we think your stylist will agree with me on the main reasons why quality should always come first:


The better the quality of your extensions, the more natural they appear. Synthetic hair especially is highly processed to give that initial shine and luster, but once worn, doesn’t match the texture of real hair.

Real hair blends better with your own hair and does not feel and look awkward on you. Indian hair is natural, unprocessed and is preserved in its natural state.


To get value for your money, your extensions should be long lasting. Taking good care of your extensions is definitely part of it, but all the care in the world won’t make low-quality extensions last forever. You have to choose the right type of hair.

Indian hair is best known for keeping its cuticles intact, and these naturally coat and protect the hair strands, thus having longer life compared to other kinds.

Hair extensions are graded. The higher the grade, the greater the quality and longer the life is. Virgin Indian hair is considered to be the best in the market today. It is called as such because it is not dyed or bleached. It could last 1 to 2 years with proper care.


When it comes to styling, you’ll definitely be blow drying, straightening, and/or curling. Though heat can damage poorly made extensions, Indian hair will last and when you’re done with a particular style, it will even return to its previous state in one wash!


Go for hair that is easiest to manage. If you’ve ever spent hours untangling a particularly nasty knot in your hair extensions, you’ll know the blessing that non-tangling Indian hair can be. Easy to brush and easy to take care of, with Indian hair you don’t have to worry about it losing its texture after a few washings.


Hair extensions should be beautiful and helpful, not harmful. Getting the best quality also means you are prioritizing your safety. There is the danger of allergic reactions when you choose cheap quality especially if you have sensitive skin.

Professional stylists and avid fans of hair extensions agree that it’s better to start with quality that has a reputation. Your long, full and lustrous hair is waiting for you – but make sure you know your options because you only deserve the best.

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