Why Celebrities Use Indian Hair Extensions

Why Celebrities Use Indian Hair Extensions

Love them or hate them, celebrities have a huge influence on the beauty and fashion communities. There are plenty of celebrities that are using Indian hair extensions, but have you ever wondered why they choose Indian hair? Since they have some of the best style and beauty consultants in the world, it kind of makes you wonder…

Well, read on to find out!


If you have a jet set lifestyle, you need hair extensions that travel well. Nobody has time to untangle a mess of a weave, so plan accordingly.

Body By Marie offers premium virgin Indian hair clip in hair extensions that come in 7 pieces and have 15 clips, and they come in many different lengths.

You can also feel free to wash your virgin Indian hair, also called Remy hair. Just sure to use the shampoo and conditioner in a gentle, downward motion to remove excess dirt and oils from the hair.


Celebrities love to change the color of their hair, and we love to talk about it, so many of them use premium Indian hair because of it’s ability to be colored and retain its form and texture.

Yes, you CAN dye your Indian hair extensions! You can anything to it that you can do to your own hair, including cutting, heat processing or dying. For reference, know that virgin hair responds best to coloring. You can do it at home yourself, or take it to a salon—we know a great one!

A girl’s gotta have options.


Have you ever seen a red carpet photo that didn’t feature a celebrity with a beautiful shine in her hair smiling back at the camera like it had a smile of its own? There are dozens of ways to add that type of shine and gloss to your hair, from using eggs to coconut oil to conditioner, but not all hair extensions are suited for those types of treatment.

You need to make sure to use virgin hair extensions because if the hair has been processed in any way it will not hold the nutrients you put into it. Virgin Indian hair is proven to hold oils and nutrients to help give your hair that extra gloss—helpful when the flash is on!
So basically, celebrities are using virgin Indian hair extensions for the same reason you should be using them—they’re the best hair extensions on the market!

If you have any questions about our inventory of products, or just hair in general, you can always send us a message.

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