5 Tips to Help You Keep Your Hair Healthy While Wearing Extensions

5 Tips to Help You Keep Your Hair Healthy While Wearing Extensions

Hair extensions have solved a lot of our beauty dilemmas. You can have full, long, and shiny locks, which is impossible with just shampooing, conditioning, or other hair treatments.

Hair extensions have been revolutionizing women’s beauty routines and can easily add length and volume to your hair. They’re flexible and convenient enough for you to wear them on a daily basis or during special occasions. Best of all, you can enjoy both your natural and extension hair.

You just need to know how to maintain both of them properly. Here are some great tips to help:

Always pick quality above all.

Sometimes women want the cheapest solution to thin and short hair, but mediocre products can do more harm than good. Cheap hair is usually made of lower quality materials that lead to irritated scalp and other allergic reactions.

Always go for real or natural hair extensions over synthetic ones, especially if you want your extensions to last for a long time. Indian hair is considered to be the best choice when you weigh quality and price. Not only will it appear naturally on you, but it can also be easily styled and curled without losing quality.

Choose a reputable hair technician.

Although it’s essential that you have the right kind of hair extensions, it’s equally important to have them installed by a professional hairstylist with the right background in extension attachment.

Poor installation and maintenance will not only wear out your extensions earlier than it should but could cause your hair to thin, dry and break out.

Consult with hair experts (like yours truly) to know the essentials when it comes to wearing and taking care of extensions. They can show you how to wear them correctly in case you prefer to do it yourself the next time around. Proper installation will also give your hair a breather from excessive heating, pulling and combing.

Avoid super-tight braids.

Weft hair extensions are usually attached or sewn-in on braids. Though braids should be firm and tight to secure your extensions, be careful not to make them too tight and painful. If they are, they can possibly cause other problems with your hair and scalp. So make sure that your technician really knows what they’re doing.

Moisturize and condition your hair.

Make yourself a conditioning and moisturizing routine. I think it goes without saying that you shouldn’t neglect your hair underneath the sew-in just because it is less visible than your extensions.

For deep conditioning, use conditioners that are thin so that they can easily reach your scalp and make sure that all your hair strands (including those under your weaves) are covered. We offer a shampoo and conditioner at BBM that is specially selected for use with our hair extensions!

Nourish your hair with vitamins.

Stay healthy and make sure you have the right vitamins and supplements. This will keep your natural hair strong, and healthy hair helps make the process of adding hair extensions better and easier for your natural hair.

Women who love to pamper themselves with fashion, style, and beauty are the reasons why the hair extension market continues to thrive. Keep your own hair and your new hair extensions in good condition and when you do choose to make your purchase, make sure you know all of your options – because you deserve the best!

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